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TJ's is an Isle of Wight Gym, based in Lake.

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TJ's Gym in Lake on the Isle of Wight

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TJ's Gym in Lake on the Isle of Wight


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Personal Training & Massage

We have our own qualified, professional and friendly personal trainers at TJ’s Gym on the Isle of Wight. With a fresh approach, we tailor sessions exactly to suit you, your desired goals and needs.

Sports Massage & Rehabilitation

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy is an invigorating form of treatment that is essential for general muscle and connective tissue maintenance. This type of massage facilitates optimum performance, prevents and rehabilitates injuries and is tailored to the individual. It is a practical, specific application of Myofascial, Swedish massage, compressions, deep tissue, cross-fiber friction and stretching techniques.


Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Helps to prevent injuries
  • Increases recovery time after training
  • Pain relief
  • Better posture

Direct Debit

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£ 40
00 Per Month
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An entire year of training!
£ 400
  • 2 Months Free
  • Free Induction
  • Unlimited Use
  • Staff Support
  • Free Induction


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